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Buffalo Turf

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Botanical Name : Axonopus Compressus

Common Names : Broadleaf Carpet Grass, Tropical Carpet Grass, South Johnson Grass

Buffalo Turf Characteristics 
Colour light green to dark green subject to weather and nutrients froms a dense mat with foliage, leaf is broad approx average 10mm width x 50mm length.

Soil Types and conditions suitable for growing Buffalo Turf 
Buffalo Turf adapts well to all soil types providing adequate moisure is available.  Buffalo Turf enjoys hot wet humid weather, shade tolerance is high with increased supply of nutrients.

Is Buffalo Turf drought tolerant ? 
Buffalo Turf has a low drought tolerance and required moist topsoils throughout winter, monitor Buffalo Turf throughout summer - subject to rain.

Wearability of Buffalo Turf
Buffalo Turf has a low to medium wearability it does not take well to high densitey foot traffice ( such as sports fields )  However with regular water and nutrients Buffalo Turf will recover well.

Maintaining Buffalo Grass 
Buffalo Turf requires regular mowing in summer ( weekly ) and minimal mowing in winter, Buffalo Turf is an easy grass to mow, leaving a crisp green finish after mowing.

Buffalo Turf is a very popular broadleaf grass thoughout North Queensland. Due to its ease of mowing and retention of colour after cutting.  Buffalo Grass enjoys hot wet North Queensland weather, with very little mowing requried in winter, as Buffalo Grass will be quite dormant.
Ideal turf for North Queensland Turf conditions
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